One-Stop Textile Production

We are a responsive and responsible textile converter based in South Korea.

As an agency for overseas and domestic textile/printing manufacturers, Haerae Co., Ltd. provides consulting to clients about the production of high-quality fabrics and at affordable prices.

By streamlining and coordinating complex processes, producing fabric, and supplying premium fabric at affordable prices, Haerae Co., Ltd. offers an ideal platform for fabric product manufacturers to become more efficient and concentrate their efforts on developing their products.

Haerae Textile
Design Designs Business

Textile Pattern Licensing

Through collaborating with talented pattern designers worldwide, Haerae Co., Ltd. licenses creative and unique fabric patterns.

For talented designers, Haerae Co., Ltd. is your “go to” agency for the design requests of Korean clients and for establishing contracts.

We believe that, through successful collaboration with skilled pattern designers, we will not only introduce creative and attractive patterns into the Korean market but also establish the brands’ own values and minimize conflict in Korea’s fabric market.


Haerae Design Studio

Here’s to the start of something beautiful with Haerae Design Studio, a curated brand dedicated to the discovery and share of internationally recognized textile designers like you’ve never seen before.

Created for you who seeks contemporary and timeless designs, our creations have no borders. Like a rainbow that shines in every corner of the world, our designs are made to cross frontiers and suit your ever changing tastes as the times go by while maintaining the highest quality standards. We aim to infinitely connect your vision to our designs just like the threads of a weft.

Born through our love and passion for exquisite fabrics, our name is composed by two brand aspects deeply rooted into our philosophy. With “Hae (偕)” meaning ‘to gather’ and “Rae (萊)” meaning ‘to come’, at Haerae Design Studio we welcome all of you to “come together’ in this global brand of textile experts.

Haerae Design Studio