Haerae Co., Ltd.


To supply product brands with textile materials and designs according to their preferences and values.


To be a global company that provides the best and most cost-effective service and quality goods. To contribute to the world’s economy and maintain our reputation as a great company to work with.

Core Value

High standards

Eagerness to learn about and exceed needs

Foster effective working relationships

Who we are.

Our business name, “Haerae” is composed of two words, “hae(偕)” which means “to gather” and “rae(來)” which means “to come.” Thus, “Haerae” directly translates into “to come together.”

Our philosophy of “coming together” is actualized by connecting textile mills and designers with product brands around the world. We constantly seek out new opportunities to connect with people, like the weft and warp of weaving threads.

Haerae Co., Ltd. is protecting Korea’s intangible cultural heritage by supporting the legal development and consumption of fabric pattern designs.

In Korea, pattern designs are highly valued and have a long history, yet – more recently – pirating the patterns of famous foreign brands has been on the rise due to cost savings and failing to respect intellectual property. This has hindered many Korean fabric companies from creating valuable brands, even though Korea is a powerful and reputable nation for textile production.

Through collaboration with brilliant pattern designers from around the world and contracts with selected textile factories, Haerae provides consulting on pattern development and fabric production, and carries out all associated processes on behalf of our clients.

Haerae Co., Ltd. is building an e-commerce system, where clients can place orders by selecting raw materials and manufacturing methods. In turn, textile product brands will be able to source textile materials much more easily through our agency.

Our goal is to establish a web-based B2B market for supply chain management that focuses on the textile industry. We are building collaborative partnerships with textile mills and talented designers worldwide to co-create this platform. Ultimately, it will deliver cost- effective and quality services to companies who manufacture textile-related products.