One-Stop Textile Production

We’re a responsive and responsible textile converter based in South Korea.

     As agency for overseas and domestic textile/printing manufactures, Haerae Co., Ltd. provides consulting to the clients about production of high-quality fabrics at reasonable price.

     By simplifying complicated process of developing and producing fabric and supplying premium fabrics at practical prices, Haerae Co., Ltd. offers a great way for fabrics products manufacturers to be able to reach higher efficiency and concentrate more on developing their products.



Textile Pattern Licensing

     Through collaboration with a number of competent pattern designers all around the world, Haerae Co., Ltd. licences creative and fascinating fabrics patterns.

     For talented designers, Haerae Co., Ltd. is your agency for receiving design requests of Korean clients and making contracts.

     We believe that with successful collaboration with many promising pattern designers, we will be able to not only introduce creative and attractive patterns to Korean market but also establish brands’ own values and minimize conflicts that are caused by rampant pirated patterns in Korean fabrics market.


Distributing Textile Brands

     With experienced and meticulous market analysis, Haerae Co., Ltd offers branding of foreign fabrics, contract, maintenance, and management services of copyrights of the overseas fabrics brands. Since 2011, it has been the exclusive distributor of U.S. organic fabrics brand Cloud9 Fabrics in Korea and has emerged as a creditable export/distribution company with differentiated services and brand administration that are fit for domestic market in Korea. Now, Haerae Co., Ltd. is an official agency of approximately 20 famous European & U.S. fabrics, distributing high-quality fabrics to fabrics products manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.

     Nowadays, demand towards high-quality fabrics with aesthetic pattern designs and intriguing stories of designers is increasing in Korean market. As your exporter/distributor, Haerae Co., Ltd. shall let you meet a number of potential customers in Korea.