Haerae Co., Ltd.


To connect textile materials & designs with product brands.


To be the company providing the best cost effective and quality service.

To stay a good place to work for contributing to the world.

Core Value

Making Standards Higher

Being Eager to learn & search

Realizing the grounds for working

Who we are.

“Haerae” is composed of two words, “hae(偕), which means ‘to gather’” and “rae(來), which means ‘to come.’” So “Haerae” means “to come together.”

This idea of coming together is actualized in Haerae Co., Ltd. We connect textile mills & designers with product brands all around world. We always seek new opportunities connecting people like weft and warp threads.

    CRAFTIZEN Co.(Former Haerae Co., Ltd.) was founded in April 2011 to provide all services relating to fabrics products. It’s interest in eco-friendliness and fair trade made it set “good consumption” as its business motto.

     Since December 2011, it has distributed fabrics of U.S. organic fabrics brand Cloud9 Fabrics as an exclusive distributor in Korea. And, it became the official agency of approximately 20 overseas fabrics brands, including Art Gallery Fabrics in U.S. and distributing high-quality fabrics to domestic fabrics products manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in Korea.

     Haerae Co., Ltd. is trying to contribute to protecting intangible values by helping legal development and consumption of fabrics pattern designs.

     Importance of pattern designs was already well aware of; however, in Korea, pirating patterns of famous foreign brands has been rampant due to cost saving and ignorance towards intelligence property. This hindered many Korean fabrics companies to created brand values despite the fact that Korea is powerful nation in textile production. Through collaboration with brilliant pattern designers all around the world and contract with selected textile factories, we provide consulting regarding pattern development and fabrics production and carry out all the process for the clients as an agency.

     Haerae Co., Ltd. is building an ecommerce system which clients can place an order textiles selecting the raw materials and manufacturing methods. Textile product brands will be able to source textile materials much more easily using our solution.

     We’re aiming to establish a web-based B2B market for supply chain management especially focusing on the textile industry. We’re trying to gather valued textile mills and talented designers all around world to build this platform. It will deliver the cost effective and quality services to companies manufacturing the textile related products.